There’s no getting away from it, technology has changed our world and it’s only increasing to influence our thinking.
Radio, TV and the internet which incorporates social media is where the world now meets and in order to stay current the Welcome has been making its own changes.
John McCreedy, a former pastor and media director has joined our team to help spread the Word beyond the confines of the Welcome evangelical Church. John’s 25 years of experience in the media industry will help move the Welcome to the next stage of its development.
Former Chelsea Football manager Jose Mourinho said: “Stand still and you will get left behind”.
That’s especially true in the church, too, where God wants us to progress and make an impact in the world today. Church culture in the twenty-first century has been revolutionised at lightning speed. While young people today see church today as ‘normal’, there have been numerous changes which people of an older generation have struggled to adapt to. The entire language, ethos and philosophy of the church is vastly different today. The way we ‘do church’ has changed. The style of worship, how the message is delivered and even how people dress in the church today are all totally different to how we remember.
Following the renovations which took place at the Welcome Hall in 2007, the next phase of Pastor Jonathan’s vision is to make the church a 21st Century accessible ministry. This will be realised by the opening of the new Amy Carmichael Centre in June 2016 and by smaller changes within the church providing a more contemporary feel for all the family and developing the on-demand services on our website. This can be used by people with mobile devices, iPod/iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. The welcome is now familiar with Facebook and various forms of social media. The purpose of using these platforms is to spread the Word of God to many nations and provide an online service for those who are sick and hindered from getting to church.
We – the church – are God’s arms and legs in what is clearly a confused and lost generation -and we have a massive task to take the message of the gospel to the world using the method of new technology. We often fear that which we don’t understand, but this doesn’t make it harmful. Many people and churches are struggling to come to terms with what is clearly the end of an era, yet even in the face of great change, positive things can still emerge. We believe exciting days are ahead at the Welcome Evangelical Church.