Missionary Weekend 24 – 26 June 2018

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The Missionary Weekend of June 2018, saw our congregation treated to a very varied insight on various Christian Missionary projects both home and abroad. It was hailed as a great success!

At our Sunday Morning Service, Jacqueline Robb from Christians Against Poverty, gave a very enlightening talk on the wonderful work of CAP.


Jacqueline explained that life circumstances and unexpected changes meant that money problems can hit people at anytime in their lives. However, as she continued, help is at hand from services provided by CAP and that this is free and confidential.

We were encouraged to contact CAP by email carrickfergus@capuk.org or ring 0800 3280 006, if we or anyone that we know are struggling with debt.

Finally we heard of a variety of ways that we as Christians, can help CAP help those in need. From donating to CAP financially, to praying regularly for their work, we can partner with CAP!

Pictured above, Pastor Jonathan thanks Jacqueline, and if you click on the CAP logo you can read more on the work of CAP across the UK.


Next it was the turn of the Christian Institute and Callum Webster who spoke at our Sunday Evening Service.

Callum gave a powerpoint presentation of the work of the CI and highlighted the Biblical scripture that helps define the various stands and causes that the charity defends and fights to uphold.

We also heard an update and viewed a short video on the McArthur family, owners of Ashers Bakery and who are awaiting a Supreme Court ruling on the 'Gay Cake' case. The congregation were encouraged to pray for the McArthur family and the judges deliberating over this major case.

The congregation were also encouraged to read the various CI publications which are available here

Finally, we were asked to support the Christian Institute by praying for its work and by writing to our political representatives on various issues, when required to do so.

Once again if you click on the link below you can read more on the Christian Institute.

Last but by no means least, our Missionary Weekend was concluded by Claire Gray from the Wycliffe Bible Translators on the Tuesday evening. Claire and her husband Ian, have faithfully served the Lord working for over 50 years with various tribes people in the African country of Ghana.

Claire highlighted struggles, such as providing drinking water and having to travel in flimsy boats, and how through God's help, these had been overcome with solar powered clean water stations accessible to all and modern roads being been built.

Old and New Testaments had been translated into local tribes dialects (a painstaking process which takes many years). Local people had been given lessons to learn them how to read, whilst others were given audio devices to hear the words of the Bible in their native tongue.

We learned how bicycles, motorbikes and other education opportunities had been provided to help the Ghanaians.

Finally the congregation were asked to pray for the continued work of Wycliffe including a Bible translation that is nearing completion in a few more years, for Pastor Abraham and his team today in Ghana and also for Claire, Ian and their daughter who have their own personal health issues.