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Amy Carmichael and The Welcome

This book chronicles the early life and ministry of Amy Carmichael before she left Northern Ireland for India.  Prompted by her vision for the needs of the underprivileged, her passion to serve her Saviour and her faith in God’s unfailing promises, while she was yet a teenager, Amy embarked on a daring mission to do something for God and her community.  Her early work made a great impact on scores of people then and in this twenty-first century it is still influencing many today. The book also tells the story of the work and witness of The Welcome Hall during the one hundred years that followed after Amy first got a vision for this work.  The story is moving, challenging, humourous, evangelistic and another great reason to praise to God.

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 This remarkable story of ‘The Welcome’ cannot fail to cause its readers to stop and praise the Sovereign Lord for all His power and grace at work there over the past 125 years. The narrative sets the scene of life in Northern Ireland over the years and provides a helpful background to the continuing life and work of ‘The Welcome’.  As a ‘sister fellowship’ – having the same founder, Amy Carmichael, we should like to express our joy and thanks to the Lord for the 125 years of witness given by those associated with ‘Amy’s Tin Tabernacle’. On behalf of The Dohnavur Fellowship, I warmly welcome this book with its powerful testimony to the work Amy Carmichael began so long ago.

Sura Carunia  (President), The Dohnavur Fellowship, Dohnavur, Tirunelveli District, India.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Victor Maxwell has been a missionary and pastor for more than fifty years. His missionary service was in the upper reaches of the great River Amazon and his three pastorates have been in Northern Ireland and United States. Currently Victor is President of Acre International) and is engaged in an itinerant, evangelistic and Bible preaching ministry. He also devotes much of his spare time to writing with more thirty devotional and biographical books published.


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